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Years of experience in selling the Original Colombian Waist Trainers online. There is a big difference in quality between an A brand Waist Trainer and a counterfeit or B brand. We explain you all differences in our blog Real or Fake Waist Trainers. We sell the brands Chery Ann, Ann Michell and Salome and the largest selection of models online in Europe. We also have the largest direct stock so your Waist Trainer will be shipped to you in 98% of all cases within a day. We have been online since October 2009 and are the oldest and most reliable European and Belgian and Dutch online store for Original Colombian Waist Trainers with a large fan base among other things on Facebook and Instagram. Here our top customer service staff always respond quickly to all your questions, suggestions and comments. On the site we have daily until late in the evening the option for you to Whatsapp us all your questions. Most Waist Trainers contain latex, but the A brands include Medical latex. These top brands like Ann Chery have 35 years experience in Colombia in the production of Shapewear. There are many models available, we have therefore created a handy search menu for you and lots of info in our blogs to help you determine your choice. The main question is always why you want to start Waisttraining? Is it for under your clothes at a party, do you want to permanently shape your midsection and waist, do you want to hide and reduce your back fat, do you have back problems and want a Waist Trainer to give you daily support or at you need the back support at work? If you want to work out we also have a hip colorful line of Fajas Tee (Ann Michell) for you with matching booty lifting leggings with matching Waist Trainers. Always determine your size with the size chart, we are happy to help you with this just send us a message or whatsapp.