How long before you see the results of Waist Training?

How long before you see the results of Waist Training?

When you start your waist training process you want to know how long it takes before you see any results.

You are looking for a guide or aid to look more toned of loose inches from your waistline. You read some things about Waist Trainers and are getting more and more curious. But you still hesitate because you don't know anything about how fast you will receive any results.

Do you want to start Waist Training because you gained weight? Are you a voluptuous woman and searching to achieve a more hourglass figure? Have you recently given birth to a baby? Wearing a Waist Cincher will help you with achieving better results to create a more hourglass figure and smaller waistline. Having an hourglass figure is not only for woman wearing a size Small or Medium! It is all about the proportion of your body. The ratio between belly, breasts and hips. When your waistline is smaller then your hips and breasts you can already speak of an hourglass figure.

Results of wearing a Waist Cincher

Results are always very personal and that is why you won't read about consistent results in any article. You could loose 5 centimeters (2 inches)from your waistline/belly size within a few weeks. We have many customers that have lost up to 8 centimeters (3 inches) within a month! Even without working out or completely changing their eating habits. But it all comes down to your body and your effort. 

After ordering online in our online store you will receive a Userguide in your e-mail, when you follow up these instructions very strict you will see the first centimeters (inches) disappear very fast. In this Userguide you will read all about how long you can or should wear your Waist Cincher for best results. But there is also written how to "break in" your NEW Waist Trainer. This is very important for the new product to get into the shape of your body and for yourself to get used to the new tight product.

Everywhere on the online site we communicate that Waist Training is something that is helpful in the process of loosing weight or shaping your body. The Waist Trainer is not a Cure-All wonder product! Keyword while Waist Training is WATER. Drinking water is very important for everyone because we exist for 70% our of water. If your main goal is to loose weight and slim down your waistline you have to drink plenty of water to get rid of the waste in your system. You cannot loose weight if you do not drink enough water!

Ofcourse since we exist since 2009 we have many customers that keep coming back for smaller sizes so they must have gained some great results. Luckily a few of them took the time and effort to share some of their stories with us in our review sections (only available in Dutch language). 

The complete team at (we are all woman in the customer service and marketing devision) is also wearing their Waist Trainers. Most of us are mothers and know what struggle it can be to loose the pounds after giving birth. Weakly we write posts in the blog section with in the back of our minds our own diet and shaping process. This knowledge we try to share in informative blogposts for you with tips & tricks on loosing inches and shaping our bodies. 

Soon we will share more about specific eating habits to achieve our dream bodies as well. Our team is testing out some things as we speak!

Results working out whit Waist Trainer

If you are used to working out regularly or justed started at the gym Waist Training can bring many benefits to your work outs. Wearing a Sport Waist Cincher will make you transpire a lot more on your midsection and this will result in faster transport of waste products from your body. Also wearing a Waist Cincher during your work out will give you great back support and a better posture.


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