How to fit into my Waist Trainer?

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How to fit into my Waist Trainer?

How to fit into your new waist trainer? We have the guide how to put on your Colombian Waist Cincher.

Your order has been delivered!

You received your Waist Cincher as promised within 1 or 2 businessdays! You take it out of the shippingbox and then out of it's packaging. You look at the waist trainer and think: "OK and now what?!"
This is something very realistic to happen you know! If you have never seen or held on to an Original Colombian Waist Cincher you might just not know what to do with it. Nothing strange about it, we get questions about this all the time! 

Everyone that buys a Waist Cincher from us online will receive a Userguide through e-mail. In the e-mails you receive after placing your order online you will find this userguide available as PDF version, for you to download or even print it out. 

Unfortunately with 7 years experience in online selling we know people don't read all the info that is send to them completely. Even though we try to keep it short but good informed! You will read so much about waist training, our service and more on each productpage, categorypage, online blogs, Social Media and in e-mails.
Sometimes people write down incomplete email adresses when ordering onling. If you did not receive an order affirmation just lett us know! We will send you the content of these informative emails again! Also always watch your spam e-mail box.

How to fit into my Waist Trainer?

If you intend to start serious waisttraining too loose weight and slim your waist you need to wear your Waist Cincher underneath your clothing. This stimulates heat and perspiration. Each Waist Cincher has a cotton side which you wear against your belly.

Waist Trainers come in 2 or 3 hooks versions. Usually you start on the frst row so you can slim down 1 or two times. But it happens that you fall in between sizes and the second row of hooks is the perfect size for you right now. Just start on the row that you are most comfortable with.

The next important step of how to wear a waist trainer is to wrap your corset around your waist by situating the bottom of your cincher right above your mid-section or the part that protrudes outward most. Place the cincher/ corset with the eyes on your left side and the hooks on your right side. At this point, sucking in your tummy will help a great deal.

What you need to do now is start with the very bottom hook, remember that your corset or cincher has a stretch-ability. Do not worry about the position of your trainer at this point, you will be pulling it down bit by bit. After fastening this hook, slightly pull down your cincher and keep fastening the hooks upwards, pulling down the trainer with every fastened hook until it is sitting where it should – the silhouette of the trainer will guide you.

Some hooks are bound to pop open as you fasten your waist trainer, but don’t worry about this, simply fasten them again.

Adjust your cincher until you are comfortable with where it is sitting and you will be through with the major part of how to wear a waist trainer. The first days sitting is not so comfortable as you might wish and it will make you sit up very straight (which is a good thing because it will help you with your posture!). But within a few days if you stick to our userguide you will feel and be more comfortable.



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