Original Ann Chery Waist Cinchers

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Original Ann Chery Waist Cinchers

Why is Ann Chery the world's best Waist Trainer brand?

Ann Chery has been worldwide known as the most famous brand in Colombian Shapewear. Quality ofcourse is the major reasor but Ann Chery is also the brand with the most experience in Shapewear production of a diversity of Shapewear ranges. For over 35 years this Colombian brand knows how to keep the world's number 1 position! The marketing devision within Ann Chery has very clever and profound ways to keep Ann Chery brand on top. We will try to tell you as much as possible about Ann Chery. 

Latex Waist Trainers Ann Chery

With Ann Chery beeing Colombian and a spanish-speaking business the product descriptions you will find on our site will also confer to the Spanish denominations. 
The best known products from Ann Chery are the Latex Waist Cinchers (Látex Faja). These are available in divers models suitable for daily use until the ability to wear them during a firm Work Out. And not to forget some beautiful Waist Trainers to keep a woman eye happy as well! 

The Latex line Waist Cinchers exists out of Classic Waist TrainersVest Waist Trainers (Chalecos), Sport Waist Trainers, Waist Trainer with prints (leopard) and the Metallic Waist Trainer (same model as Classic AC2021) Important detail: we have them all! And if there are any new models in development at the Ann Chery factory in Colombia we will be the first to offer you them for fast shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain! (Just like we have been doing since 2009!)

The Latex Waist Trainers are beeing purchased mostly by woman that want too loose weight and inches of their belly and waistline. And for support after giving birth, support in the case of abdominal pain/back issues and for proportioning your body underneath clothing.
Which model is appropriate for which purpose is the question we have already tried to answer to our best ability in our blog: Waist Trainer Guide.

Powernet Waist Trainer / Bodyshapers Ann Chery

Powernet Shapewear are Waist Trainer and Bodyshaper models suitable for woman that want to train theiir waist but also have a latex allergy. Powernet Bodyshapers can be used for daily wear en proportioning your body underneath certain clothes (for example underneath a Weddingdress).

Powernet is used in the production of Shapewear due to the firm quality of the material and the ability to breathe. Powernet has been used for many years in special clothing for victims of burns. It is known for bringing back the elasticity of the burned skin. Powernet has a very strong compression but due to the breathing material it maintains a healthy bloodcirculation. Powernet does not oppress, because is has been woven in a hexagonal way en your skin is able to continue to breath.

Powernet Waist Trainers are with us available from the brand Salome, a top brand from Colombia which was the first producer of the Zip & Clip waist trainers. Ann Chery Body Shapewear is available in our assortment.

Ann Chery Creams, Gels & Wraps

With so many years experience in the weightloss and waist slimming area Ann Chery made a line with  Anti Cellulite and Stretch marks Creams products. As well as the Slimming Gel and the Caffeine Cream plus the Osmotic Wrap foil are available in our extended Ann Chery assortment. 

Ann Chery Branding 

Without directly have sponsored them a lot of famous woman like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner and the other Kardashian sisters have put the Waist Training process on the map. There is one know brand of Waist Cincher (we will not mention the name, the reason will follow below) which has branded Ann Chery Waist Trainers as her own production. What she did though was sell the products for twice of triple the price! The only thing she did in the beginning was taking out the Ann Chery labels and put in her own labels. Later on when their was more money involved she made a deal with Ann Chery factory to produce her own line, with her own prints and labels. A very smart lady which suppose is the lady that has made Kim K and others a part of her branding.

Ann Chery has been producing for over 35 years in Colombia, the country where plastic surgery is a common thing. This is the reason Shapewear was made in the first place! To support a body that just had been operated. With all the knowledge of shaping and firming bodyparts the Shapewear as we know today was developed by Ann Chery.


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