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Originele Colombiaanse Waist Trainers
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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Questions Waist Trainers
1.1 Are these Colombian Waist Trainers?

Yes, we only sell genuine Colombian Waist Cinchers. Ann Chery and Ann Michell have been producing shapewear for over 35 years and are the number 1 on the market. Salome is also a Topbrand from Colombia.
We will never sell the fake chinese waist trainers or B Quality brands which are sold on many websites nowadays.

1.2 What is the difference between all the brands?

There is no difference in quality, only difference in available models. There are Powernet and Latex Waist Cinchers and a Sportswear colorful line.

We only sell the #1 Colombian Shapewear brands. We have been an online store since 2009 and quality is what makes our customers come back!

1.3 How do I determine my size?
A waisttrainer size is not based on your clothing size but on this size chart. Your waist is in a leading position here often because the size is the largest.
  • Measure your waist size, you can do this at about the level of your navel, the widest part of your abdomen.
  • Measure your waist size, you do this about 3 to 5 cm below your bra edge, the narrowest part of your abdomen.
If you cannot determine your size, we will help you quickly. Mail us via or send a message to one of our customer service representatives through the online chat. 

Maat Waist Trainer Ann Chery                                        Omvang Taille (cm)                       Omvang Buik (cm)                          
XS - 30 60 - 65 70 - 75
S - 32 65 - 70 75 - 80
M - 34 70 - 75 80 - 85
L - 36 75 - 80 85 - 90
XL - 38 80 - 85 90 - 95
XXL - 40 85 - 90 95 - 100
3XL -42  90 - 95 100 - 105
4XL -44 95 - 100 105 - 110
5XL - 46 100 - 105 110 - 115

Maat Waist Trainer Ann Michell/Fajas Tee                                       Omvang Taille (cm)                       Omvang Buik (cm)                          
XXS - 30 47 - 52 60 - 66
XS - 32 52 - 57 66 - 71
S - 34 57 - 63 71 - 76
M - 36 63 - 67 76 - 84
L - 38 67 - 77 84 - 91
XL - 40 77 - 86 91 - 99
XXL -42  86 - 96 99 - 107
1.4 What is the difference between 2 or 3 hooks?
Some models Waist Trainers only exist in 2 hooks, this means there are 2 rows of hooks to tighten up. With a 3 Hooks Waist Trainer you will be able to tighten the product a few extra centimeters.
1.5 How do I clean my Waist Trainer?
Waist Trainers and booty shapewear cannot be washed in the washing machine!
What you have to do on a regular base is put the waist trainer in lukewarm water, take it out and rinse it with clean water. Then dry it, but never put it directly in the sun, not on the heating and surely not in the dryer! 
2 Questions Payments
2.1 How do I make the payment?

Through iDEAL, PAYPAL or Bank Wire Transfer.
For our Belgian and German customers we have PAYPAL, BanContact/Mistercash and DIRECTebanking/SofortBanking available as payment methode. 
All payment info can be found on this page.

2.2 How safe is it to pay online?

Our shop is fully protected. We work with reliable partners in order to maintain security.
We have been doing business online for over 7 years. To keep customers happy and continue to do online business payments need to be very safe and reliable.

3 Delivery Questions
3.1 How fast is the shipping?

Items in stock ordered before 15:00h on workingdays = shipped out today.

With backorders of pre-orders & exclusive import delivery time is 1 to max 3 weeks. This depends on date of purchase and time till import.

3.2 How do I know when my delivery takes place?

You will receive a tracking number through email. With this trackingnumber you can easily trace your package. All the info about tracing your package will also be send to you after the shipping takes place.

3.3 What are the shippingcosts?

Within the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany shipping with DHL is free above 75 euro.

All shipping info can be found on our Shipping page.

4 Technical Questions
4.1 My login codes don't work anymore?

Ask for a new password. If it still won't work after that please send us an email. It is very important for us to know as well when there are technical issues. E-mail us at

4.2 I put some products on my Wishlist, but my size seems to be sold out all ot the time

Waist Trainers Ann Chery arrive weekly. You can always email us and ask for the reservations options.

A few products may leave our assortment sometimes, for the reasons that we might have new products coming in or they don't sell as well as expected. This will be mentioned when an item won't be back in stock.

4.3 Are the prices including tax?

Ofcourse they are! The price you see is the price you pay! When shipping out of Europe you will see our prices without Taxes.

4.4 I live in a foreign country, can I still order?

Sure! Although our warehouse is located in the Netherlands we ship almost daily to Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. 
A few of the countries we already ship to on a weekly or daily basis are included at the checkout process.
We also have direct stock on Curacao!

If you want to have your items shipped anywhere else just leave us a message and we will take care of it!

4.5 Do I need an account to make an order?

You don't need an account to order online. It is convenient to register for so you can view your order history and your wishlist.
The beauty of our online store is that you can also log in using your Facebook account!
Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept kept informed about new collections, sale and discount vouchers.

4.6 I keep getting the message at checkout that my item is out of stock?

If you are getting this message then you probably just ordered the last size of a product.
If the payment fails the order will be cancelled and the product is then automatically returned to the stock. This may take up to 20 minutes.

But even if your payment fails, you can use the data in the received mail to immediately proceed to payment. When you follow the steps in the e-mail, your size will still be reserved for you.

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Gratis verzending vanaf 75 euro
Originele Colombiaanse Waist Trainers
Online sinds 2009
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