Can I return my order?

We make the exchange of an Ann Chery Waist Trainer possible. This is done by a special test method in our warehouse. Return is not possible.
The following items can not be returned or exchanged: bodyshapers (AC1044) en Waist Trainer models AC2023CAMO & AC2024LEO & AC2021NUDE (camouflage & animal print & classic 3 hooks beige), we order these items exclusively for customers but do not keep a stock in our warehouse).

How can I exchange?

Inform us through e-mail 3 days after you have received your package that you wish to exchange. Indicate which product will be returned, your order number and your name.
After you have informed us with your exchange, you will automatically receive an email within 2 working days with all the information you need to exchange quickly. 


Where should I send the return package?

We work with multiple locations in the Netherlands, you have to return to the right location. That's why we will always give you the address after you have given us your exchange details.

How quickly will my exchange be processed?

After receiving your return shipment, it takes a maximum of 5 working days to check and process it in the warehouse.

How do I receive my exchange?

You will receive a unique credit code/discount code via e-mail after processing your exchange.
Choose your product and the right size. Put this in your shopping cart, you will enter "discount code in and press "order complete". Finish this as a normal order. Your credit is automatically reduced from the total amount.
You always get help in determining the size in case of an exchange. Questions to help you with your size will be emailed to you as soon as you informed us with your wish to make an exchange.


Within how many days do I have to return?

In order to exchange a Waist Trainer (hygiene product), your return package must be returned to our warehouse within 7 working days after you have received it.

What are the returning costs?


Send back your package through Parcel Shipping just as we delivered it to you. This may be done with a carrier of your choice. These return costs are at your own expense.
Always have delivery, do not choose for pickup. The warehouse cannot make pick ups.

Do I need to pay extra to exchange?

Within the Netherlands your order has been shipped to you from 50 euro FREE. 

  • Has it been sent to you for free? Then shipping your exchange are on own costs.
  • Did you pay for the shipping the first time? Then we will send you your exchange within NL with no shipping charges.

Conditions to be able to exchange your Waist Trainer
  •  Inform us with your wish to exchange within 3 days after receiving your package.
  • E-mail or create a ticket in your online account. Give your name and order number and the item(s) that need to be exchanged.
  • Waist Trainers must be returned within 7 days. This term is binding and includes weekends and public holidays. Returns that have not been presented to us within the set period will not be accepted.
  • No user traces may be present/visible on the article as: wrinkles/wrinkles/foldings/spots/ (physical) odours/lices/hairs. In addition, the product must not be stretched. If this is the case, the return shipment will not be accepted. Only a waist trainer should always have a clean shirt for 10 minutes.
  • The tags/cards must still be attached to the Waist Trainers.
  • Waist Trainers are only exchanged. No money will be returned. However, we do issue a voucher that is valid for one year, provided that the return conditions have been taken into account.
  • Ship back your return in the ORIGINAL Package with cards attached to the product, neatly folded, without hair, without stains, and in the shipping box with the original packing slip.
  • Please keep your tracking number as proof of return when you deliver your return.



Handle the product and its packaging with care. If you have done more than necessary to try the product, we cannot accept the return shipment. This way we assure our customers that the product is new and that we treat our products with care.

What is the Hygiene Legislation Law? 

Shapewear is subject to the Hygiene Law. It is legally not possible to return our products.
We understand that determining the right size is not always possible in one go (we always provide fast sizing advice). For this reason, we provide an extra service to exchange certain models Waist Trainers once for a different size or model (if the above return conditions have been appied). This service is not mandatory, but because we want to make our customers happy with the best products, service and advice we offer this extra service. Be aware that the right of withdrawal does not apply.
In connection with this hygiene legislation and the guarantee of a flawless product for a new customer, we apply a strict return policy. A returned Waist Trainer undergoes a special inspection in our warehouse. In this way, we guarantee that our products are new and hygienically available for a future new customer.