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Exchange & Return

Can I return my order?


Shapewear is subject to the hygiene legislation and we have to adhere strictly to that as a online store. So be aware that the right of withdrawal does not apply.
We understand that you will not always choose the right size at once. That is why you can exchange the Waist Trainers that we keep in stock as a service exception to the Hygiene Legislation.
The following products can not be exchanged or returned: Bodyshapers and Waist Trainer models which we order exclusively for you and Final Sale items.
How can I exchange?


  • Mail ( within 3 days after receiving your package that you wish to exchange. State which product is returned, your order number and your name.
  • After your e-mail, you will automatically receive an e-mail within 2 working days with all the information you need to exchange quickly (this information is also mailed to you after your order).



Where should I send the return package?


We work with multiple locations, your return must return to the right location. That's why we give you the right address.
How quickly will my exchange be processed?


After receiving your return shipment it takes a maximum of 5 working days to check and process this in the warehouse.

How do I receive my exchange?


You receive a credit from us via e-mail. This credit is a unique code that you can use just like you use a discount code.
Discount remains a discount when you trade for the same product in a different size.

After reporting your exchange, we have emailed you a number of questions with which we can determine your size very precisely.

Within how many days do I have to return?


In order to exchange a Waist Trainer (hygiene product), your return package must be returned to our warehouse within 7 days after you have received it.
What are the costs of returning?


Return your parcel in the complete package in which it has been send to you. You can do this with a carrier of your choice. These return costs are for your own account.

Choose for delivery, the warehouse does not pick up on location.
Do I have to pay extra to exchange?


An offer remains an offer when you trade against the same product in a different size. Even if the offer is no longer online.
  • Has your order been sent to you free of charge? Then the shipping costs for receiving your exchange are for your own account.
  • Is your order not sent to you free of charge? Then we will send you your free exchange within NL.
Conditions to exchange your Waist Trainer


  • Please inform us that you want to exchange within 3 days after receiving your package. Mention your name and order number.
  • Waist Trainers must be returned within 7 days . This period is binding and includes weekends and holidays. Returns that are not offered to us within the specified period will not be accepted.
  • On the article absolutely no user traces should be present / visible as: wrinkles / dents / folds / stains / (body) smells / fluff / hair. In addition, the product may not be stretched . If this is the case, the return shipment will not be accepted. Always fit a waist trainer with a clean shirt no longer than 10 minutes.
  • The labels/tickets must still be attached to the product.
  • The Waist Trainers mentioned above are only exchanged . No money will be returned.
  • Send your return in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING with cards attached to the product, neatly folded, without hair, without stains and in the shipping box with the original PACKAGE SLIP .
  • Save your tracking number when delivering your return as proof of your return.



Handle the product and the packaging carefully. If you have done more than was necessary to try the product, we can not accept the return shipment. This way we ensure our customers that the product is new and that we handle our products carefully.

What does the Hygiene Legislation mean?


Shapewear falls under the Hygiene Act. Legally, returning our products is not possible.
We understand that determining the right size does not always succeed in 1 time. For that reason, we provide an additional service to exchange models Chery Ann & Ann Michell Waist Training which we keep in stock once for a different size or a different model (provided above return conditions are respected). This service is not mandatory, but because we want to satisfy our customers with the best products, service and advice we offer this extra service. Be aware that the right of withdrawal does not apply.
In connection with this hygiene legislation and guaranteeing a flawless product for a new customer, we apply a strict return policy. A returned Waist Trainer undergoes a special check in our warehouse. In this way we guarantee that our products are new and hygienic for a future new customer.
Everybody's body is different in shape. The use of the size charts online and / or our advice does not exclude the above.
Je expert sinds 2009
Ann Chery & Ann Michell Original
gratis verzending vanaf 60 euro
Whatsapp voor persoonlijk advies