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What size Waist Trainer do you need?

An Original Colombian Waist Trainer choose not based on your clothing size but on the basis of its own Size chart of your desired model and brand Waist Trainer. 
Ann Chery Fajas Salome Tee and have different sizes, so for each brand, there is a separate size chart. 

Ann Chery Latex Size chart 

Fajas Tee (Ann Michell) Size Chart 

Salome Zip & Clip Size Chart 

We have huge amount of information on the above pages written for you. Doubting is no longer necessary. But if you do have doubts about your size send us a message via Whatsapp or e-mail. We always respond very fast through all our contact channels. 
And if the size is still too large or too small there is our superfast exchange policy . 

E-mail us at info@diewilikhebben.com or send a message to one of our customer service representatives through Social Media or Whatsapp. 
Please state your desired model and brand, your waist size, weight, height and clothing size. A photo of your body profile (which may of course be without your face) is very helpful for this way we can determine your correct size with 90% accuracy.

Complaints following the advice of our customer service staff or use the size chart are not allowed. The size chart is 90% accurate. With countless types of feminine forms there can never be given a 100% guaranteed measurement. With over 7 years of experience we know a lot but not everything! We optimize our information continuously on the basis of customer experience. But if your size results different than expected or advised there can be made an exchange in accordance with the standard terms and conditions.