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Ann Chery Latex Size Chart

How does the Ann Chery sizing on our site works?

Once you have chosen your Waist Trainer model it is time to determine your size. 
With every Waist Cincher on our site you will find the Size Chart. These charts are only suitable for the Original #1 brands Waist Trainers like Ann Chery we sell online.
The sizes on this site are the Colombian sizes as you will find these on the product packages. On average there are 2 sizes in difference between European and Colombian sizing. 
Is your clothing size in Europe a size then mostly you are able to fit a size L/36 Waist Cincher of the Ann Chery brand. But this only is the case when you already have an hourglass figure. We woman come in all different sizes and shapes and that is why using our Sizechart a must!
IMPORTANT: When you owned a other brand Waist Cincher before (or maby you even owned a fake Waist Cincher) the sizing is totally different then the sizing that Ann Chery runs by. Always use the Sizechart and/or our help.

How can I best choose the correct size?

  • Write down the size that the sizechart mentions at your weight and height.


  • Measure your waist (smallest part of abdomen, approx 5 cm below your bra) en write down the Colombian size the sizechart mentions.


  • Measure your belly ( widest part of your abdomen, approx around your navel) and write down the Colombian size the sizechart mentions.


  • What is your European clothing size (38 of 42, do not look at the sizes M or XL)? Find that European size in the chart and write down the Colombian size in the same line of the chart.


Right now you will have this list like the example below. In Blue the Colombian Size is written down. 


  • Europese clothingsize : 34-36 ----> Colombian size S/32 - M/34


  • Waist measurement in centimeters : 63,5 ----> Colombian size XS/30


  • Belly measurement in centimeters: 81 cm ---> Colombian size M/34


  • Weight and length: 59kg & 160 cm  ----> Colombian size S/32 - M/34 (you are in between 2 sizes)
As you can see there is 1 measurement with the Colombian size XS/30.
Multiple measurement register a Colombian size M/34. And a few measurements register a Colombian size S/32. Best advice in this example is a Colombian size S/32. 


Now make a list like the example above for your own measurements:  


  • European clothingsize : ? Colombian size ----> ?


  • Waist measurement in centimeters : ? Colombian size ----> ?


  • Belly measurement in centimeters: ? Colombian size ---> ?


  • Weight & Length: ?  Colombian size ----> ?



If with all this measuring it is still a little hard for you to determine your size, or do you have any doubts? eJust send us a message through our online Chat, E-mail, contactpage of Whatsapp (+31638397471).


Usually we respond really fast, we are known for our response time since 2009! But if for some reason we do not respond within the timeframe that you are used from us, which can happen at really busy moments! Then please use this new efficient method. 

Order the Waist Trainer model you have chosen without directly choosing a size! This is called our open size. In the dropdownmenu where you normally choose the size there is also one size called: "Order with personal advice for correct size". Just out this in your shopping basket and pay the order like you would pay a normal online order. 


Ordering this way you will receive priority. Orders that are coming in with this Open Sizing will be handled before other emails or questions. This way we can quickly determine your size and adjust the supply for you. And the right size for you will be guaranteed. 


We are being asked so many times on a daily basis for sizing advice that this efficient way will ensure that everyone gets the attention and service the deserve. 

Make sure you have all the measurements for us ready so we can help you as fast as possible and adjust the supply for you. And of course ship out to you immediately!


With all this extensive information and our speedy Customer Service there is no need for you to doubt anymore. In the unexpected case that the size is not right you will be able to make unwedded use of our Exchange Policy.

With almost 8 years of experience in advicing we know a lot but not everything. Complaints regarding to our advices are not allowed. We provide a service en do this with the best of our love, experience as far as our knowledge reaches. Our advices are based upon the correct measurements of our customers, questions we ask and the answers we are provided with and any pictures we receive.